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Electrical Crimping Connectors Introduction and Uses

Video Tutorial

I received a question one day about my Rverse Polarity DPDT Switch video, simply asking what where the connectors I used. The answer was simple enough - spade connectors - but it made me realise that in several of my videos I've made use of crimp connectors without stating what they are, why short video below...

I look at the most commonly used crimping connectors, often in auto electrics, the Spade, Ring, Bullet, Fork and Butt Splice, demonstrating their use and explaining their function. Finally I look at my preferred application of crimping connectors - using a soldering iron. Yes I know that's not really the point, but it does make for a much more secure fixing.

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Thanks for the great video!!! Lots of good info and I got some resolutions to a few problems that I've been having.

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