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Casting A Thors Hammer Pendant with Lost Wax Casting

Video Tutorial


Not long after casting my Viking Axe, the Viking bug really gripped me and I fancied the idea of making Thor's Hammer, not the huge thing wielded by the god of thunder, but the small pendant actually worn by real Vikings.

This gave me a chance to have a go at carving wax, actually scraping away material to leave the relief shape I was after. This was both easier and more difficult than I imagined... easier in that the material worked beautifully, and harder in that a fair deal of skill was required - see the short video below...

In truth, the pendants worn by Vikings were fairly plain. But I wanted to add a little more detail, creating the sort of thing that we all "think" Vikings wore, even though Hollywood glamour is so often wrong.

The only problem I had with this project was casting... it just didn't want to go right for me. I ended up having to carve the same item 3 times. But luckily, it all worked out nicely in the end.

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Great video very detailed and instructive. Pls keep it up. Thx

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