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Devil-Forge Home FoundryDevil-Forge FB2M Home Foundry Review
Video Review

If you've come across Devil-Forge foundries, then like me you may be a little cynical. Just 10 minutes on YouTube seems to have these forges popping up everywhere. Lots of YouTubers seem to have them. And that made me think it was just a marketing scam.

So when Devil-Forge offered to send me their FB2M home foundry, free of charge, asking if I'd be willing to do a review on it, I said what I always say... "Yes, but I won't lie. If there's something I don't like, I will say so." Believe me, I've said that to a few companies and I've never heard from them again, but Devil-Forge said that's exactly what they wanted - video review below...


When it arrived, the box was a little battered, which was not their fault of course, but it clouded my mind a little. Then I opened the box and found what I thought was a small foundry - too small I thought.

But I was wrong. In testing, I found that the Devil-Forge foundry was very spacious internally, with plenty of room for my large A6 crucible.

I also found it heated it very quickly and I did two test melts, one Aluminium and one Bronze. It didn't phase this forge at all.

Together with the burner that Devil-Forge sent me, this is a fantastic combination and a must for any metal melting enthusiast.

I've built a few home foundries in my time, but none can match this one. And for the prise, which in truth isn't that much more than the cost of making one, it's a fabulous buy, and one I'm happy to recommend. Checkout their website here:

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