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How to make a Klingon Knife (a D'k Tahg)

Video Tutorial

Homemade Klingon Knife D'k TahgI adore Star Trek, so when I was challenged to cast a Klingon Knife (a D'k Tahg) I was thrilled. It was something I'd wanted to do since I was knee-high to a Romulan.

The D’k Tahg (or Daqtagh) was the traditional blade carried by the fiction space-travelling Klingon warriors knife. It consists of a large central blade and two smaller outer blades and it looks fabulous - video below...


I decided to cast it using the Lost Foam Casting techniques I come to enjoy using so much and it was a good simple casting, with the blade needing very little cleaning up.

I opted to make the handle out of wood. Sure I could have cast it from the same aluminium, but I wanted the opportunity to do a little woodwork, and when completed the handle fit beautifully in my hand.


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Dang! Well done and well narrated Veg!!

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